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About Phung Le Lam Hai

Phung Le Lam Hai

 Chairman SAADO Global

Brand Creative Director at EmoBreaker

 Chairman at SAADO Holdings.,

 CFO at Picaal

 CEO at Rau Vuon Bo Yeu

 Member of Council at Moto Cafe

 Chairman at Chevalier Business Review

 CFO at Sky Station

Phung Le Lam Hai is an exceptional entrepreneur with variety of expertise: Marketing and Branding, Corporate Management, Customer Experience, Finance which help him easier to manage & educate his team in every periods of company development & growth.

SAADO Vietnam is a multiple nations company with the headquater in Texas – USA; with the mission of promoting the footwear brand founded by Vietnamese owners and up to now, it has been expanded to 6 different countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and the US. SAADO ‘s vision is expanding the business to 15 different countries in the US and Asia in the period of 2020 – 2025.

SAADO VIetnam was known as TOP Three Innovation Award at Leipzig University where Angela Markel ever studied in the past; after joining the pitch accelerator with 15 different projects across Asia and he was sponsored 100% to present his business idea in Germany.

Before starting with SAADO Vietnam, he was Marketing Director and Human Resources Director for ORI Mart, a start up which ever called million-dollar investment successfully. He also the person who directly recruit nearly 300 people for ORI Mart. So, he had a deep understanding of the human resources development for the first period of startup. Prior to that, he was a Brand Strategy Director of Bratus Agency, which is a leading agency in visual identity & branding strategy in Vietnam.

He experienced through the position of Marketing Consultant of Hinrich Foundation & Marketing Assistant of Global Sources which execute social marketing campaigns through online marketing stuffs, media plans, news release or setting up trade fairs/organization events annually in April and October in Hong Kong with the enthusiastic team based in Vietnam for 11 different markets in Asia: India, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines.

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