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Personal brand is what the target audiences think about you immediately when someone mentioned you. While many business owners are getting headache from seeking their  corporate brands, it is easy for  individuals to build their personal brands because only a few people do this.

The author walks elegantly away from a classic building in Ho Chi Minh City. He says, “The fastest way to kill a brand is by saying untruths about its values.” – Phung Le Lam Hai

Case study 1 – Thailand business owner’s personal brand

A business owner in Thailand sold his company to another businessman with the value of up to 3 billion US dollar, and  set up a new business. The amazing thing is that  60 percent of his old customers have availed of his products and services under the new brand. Incredible! And that is the power of his personal brand.

To build and position your personal brand, you should answer the following questions concisely. [5W-1H]

1. What

  • What is your personal brand that you want to build? Do you want to be a man of experience; someone who wants to share knowledge to the community; a man who always gallant to women; a person of great influence; or one who has big motivations or inspires many people in the society?
  • What do you want to be in the next five years? Do you want the crowd to talk about you as a marketing expert, brand expert,  celebrity or an outstanding leader?

2. Why

  • Why do you want to position your personal brand as having many features as listed above? Is it the brand image that holds your personalities? Or is a copy from  another person’s or making yours similar to his or hers? The answer is that you should be yourself.

3. Where

  • Through which channels do you want to build your personal brand? Available online media are Facebook profile, fan page – public figure, groups and events, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube and personal website.
  • Offline events include public speaking, as you can easily set up a community that shares the same concern. You can impart your knowledge by holding a monthly event. Both online and offline activities complement each other.

4. When

  • When will you start to build your personal brand? And how often do you write a note to be shared daily, weekly or monthly? It must meet the objectives that you listed in what section, and help to expand your personal brand awareness in the community.

5. Who

  • Who is your target audience? Supposed that you want to be known as a marketing expert, but in your friends list, only less than 10 percent like marketing. It really does not make sense. This is why I usually hide my friends list, which has a significant percentage of my target audiences. To overcome other marketers who compete with me, the best solution is to hide it.

6. How

How do you build your personal brand? Essentially, Facebook users have only three major concerns:

  • Entertainment
  • Community participation
  • Search for information to solve their own problems

Okay, what they need, you will provide. You should write what the crowd wants to hear and do not show what you have. They only care about contents that can resolve their issues.  And, that is the core! All brand images that have been positioned and clearly listed above must be consistent across all communication channels.

Case study 2 – Personal brands from three best tennis players in the world

Why Novak Djokovic, from Serbia, the best tennis player in the world, is ranked third in terms of personal brand, after Rafael Nadal, from Spain  and Roger Federer, from Switzerland.

Pictures of the three players on the tennis court portray  images of very strong and sporty gentlemen, who are very attractive to women. Apart from their daily lives, Nadal and Federer also present themselves as true gentlemen, always elegant and appealing in the same way when they play tennis.

On the contrary, Djokovic is a man of humor, who always takes advantage of opportunities to tease everyone around him. That is why his brand image is ranked third in terms of popularity in the world although his tennis level is considered the best.

Source: The original story is translated into English from Vietnamese. This story is shared by Managing Director of Richard Moore Associates – Nguyen Duc Son.

More powerful personal brand must be built in a long time. It depends on the following:

• Your core abilities that must be feasible, distinctive and defensible.
• Your achievements and experiences.
• Your contribution to the community; the more you support to the community, the stronger your personal brand will be.
• Reasons to believe: What are the reasons why your target audiences can believe in your personal brand positioning?

Lastly, your personal brand must be associated with the core values. The fastest way to kill a brand is by saying untruths about its values.

Personal brand will never be sustainable if it is not really our main man! What are the core values and how are these important to individuals and corporate management? Follow me to see the next post.

About the author – Phung Le Lam Hai

Phung Le Lam Hai is a Marketing Consultant for the Hinrich Foundation, based in Ho Chi Minh City. His duties include advancing and supporting the organization’s mission of promoting sustainable global trade through marketing – communication integration.

In a long term, he wants to be a professional marketer, who has a great contribution to promoting sustainable global trade.

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